Shugoki is unplayable!

Shugoki is unplayable!


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From what I understand, he’s actually in a better spot than before, just try to figure out what can and can’t guarantee a hug now. Besides, there’s more to his kit than his hug. Edit: light parries guaranteed a free hug in TG, so if they haven’t changed its timing, there’s one way to get a hug.


now it takes more brain to play him


And I welcome this new chance to pick up Shugoki again.


Right so basically, Didn't realise how good he was lmao.


All good, changes don’t come without a little confusion.


I like the changes, you can actually fight him and not cheese him to get a win. pretty much every shugoki spammed hug over and over, and with his stupid range you couldn't escape without eating and onslaught of unlockables . Now he isn't the go to character after someone loses a match


Sounds like the fixed him and it means people will have to put some effort in learning how to be good with him


exactly he isn't bad I'm still getting rekt occasionally. But I feel like now it wasn't an impossible fight. feels like I lost to a skilled player. Not someone just healing and hugging me over and over


Why main bp tho ???


You need to change your play style that's all the demons embrace is no longer central to his mix up


He's pretty much the same